In Mexico we still have many beaches where you can camp and not see anybody.   Although they have been populated in the last years.   For example, the Zipolite of 30 years ago is no longer the same;   nor the Maruata, Michoacan of the early 90’s.    Those fishing villages where you could throw in the hammock for hours, or walk kilometers of beach without seeing anyone. Those places to lose you completely are more remote, more hideen.

The beaches of Lagunas de Chacahua is one of those.    Thanks mainly to the fact that Lagunas de Chacahua is a National Park, and by law tourism development is not allowed.  Then go for it.   Put your tent under an enramada, grab a hamaca, and devote yourself to eat a fish in the middle of dissipation and leisure.

Arriving is complicated but easy going.  The trip is by land and boat.    If you bring extra pesos, grab a taxi and avoid complications. But if you are short of money, take a truck to Rio Grande and from there you will find trucks to Zapotalito.  It may be a few hours of hot travel, but it will surely be fun on the picturesque Mexican coast.

Once in Zapotalito you can take a private boat to the Lagunas de Chacahua, to the area of ​​the enramadas. There are also options for collective boats in case you are short of pesos. In about 40 minutes between lagoons you will arrive at that rustic coastal place of palm and wood, full of birds, crocodiles, fishermen who leave at dawn, the sun and the incessant waves.    Now rest and enjoy.

Once there, park as many days as you want. If it turns into months, it’s not our fault. Maybe you can visit the turtle sanctuary, or take a walk at night and with luck you can release small turtles. It is a place of natural habitat of diverse birds, pelicans, tiger heron, seagull, all kinds of life between the lagoons and mangroves, you can even take a boat trip to take you to see life or fish. Maybe you just want to stay for sunsets, or learn to surf and visit the mangroves.

There is so much to do. We recommend you go, and mainly lose yourself in the silence of the waves, and live with nature.