Mexico has a diversity of destinations. There is forest, desert, mountain, colonial cities, the great city of Mexico; or a deserted beach in your tent.

You can choose a great diversity of plans. Dependent if you go alone, with friends, with your partner, with your family.

Whatever your plan, I’m sure you’ll find hospitality.
Also delicious food, always pleasant weather and many things to do. Here we put some alternatives:

1. The City Of Mexico. A must see of the sites you should know at least once in your life. Huge, gray, monstrous, ancient: the old city of palaces. It offers so much that you can not finish it. And you will want to return.

2. Puerto Vallarta. Located in a large pacific bay, and with direct flights to the largest airports in the United States. There are plans for everyone: from staying on the beach to sunning, to kite surfing, diving, fishing, mountain biking. Walk through its picturesque center in the afternoon, and have an exquisite dinner.

3. Chiapas. The southern state that borders Guatemala. One of the most filled with history, full of a Mayan legacy that will not cease to amaze and exuberant vegetation. In Chiapas is Palenque, the famous Mayan ruins; lose yourself going to Bonampak and Yakchilan, ruins lost in the jungle; Visit San Cristobal de las Casas. Here we tell you in detail a trip through Chiapas.