Surely you’ve heard of Bacalar. Bacalar is a town in the southeast of Mexico, very close to the border with Belize.

The town is on the edge of the Bacalar lagoon … that they call the lagoon of the seven colors, but mainly it is turquoise. You can go slowly to the lagoon, feel a fresh and cold water, and walk hundreds of meters with hardly any water at the waist.

The water is filtered naturally, so the lagoon is large, wide, the sun hot, the clouds static. A place where you will feel water on your face, and you will feel alive.

Why visit it:

  1. It’s for everyone. If you go with children, alone, with your partner, with your parents on a family trip. Bacalar offers a lot for everyone.
  2. Is easy to get there.   You arrive easy, you stay easy, it has all the services. You can get there by car. If you arrive by air, the nearest airport is Chetumal. You have hotels, a place of pizzas, places of seafood, head tacos, obviously, a vegan place. That is to say, the town and the wide lagoon is already a place with all the services and a relaxed vibe.
  3. You can swim, sail, kayak, throw yourself in the sun. It is a paradise of water sports. With the constant presence of the lagoon, it is nothing more than you decide what to do. And always by your side will be the pristine stillness of nature.
  4. There are cenotes nearby. Over there is the Blue Cenote, immense, deep blue and deep and mysterious. Beyond is the Witch’s Cenote, where you can also swim. That is to say, the area of ​​this wide lagoon also has cenotes for you to have a complete dip.
  5. There are archaeological sites nearby. From the imposing Calakmul to the nearest Xpuhil. It is just a matter of you deciding to leave the placid purr of your deckchair, and go to the top of that pyramid.
  6. You can imagine times of pirates and conquests in Fort San Felípe. It is very well preserved and is right in the center of the town of Bacalar.
  7. You can become addicted to its stillness. After you spend a few days you will end up walking slowly in the evening. You can sit on a pier for hours only to feel the wind. The time will pass without notice … and you will have become addicted to the stillness of Bacalar.

Visit the town, the lagoon, the area, the ruins. Fall in love even more with Mexico.