You are in Mexico City: And there you will find it. It will appear suddenly. It will have the shape of a building dome, but it is the Monument to the Revolution

The Monument to the Revolution is an icon of Mexico City. It is in the Plaza de la Republica. Walk from the center towards Refroma, next to the Alameda, along Calle Juarez, and there you will find it.

A nocturnal, illuminated, silent square. Walk at any time, in the sunset of the sun that gives shade, at night. There all the voragine of the city is concentrated.

It is possible to get on an elevator and reach the copper dome. From there you can see the immense city at 360 degrees. If you are lucky you will see the volcanoes. If you pay attention you will hear the wind, the noise of the dogs, the bustle of the city that beats. Remember that you are in the old City of Palaces.

From the heights of the monument, try to go back to the past.